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Pas de photo Floches Bleu foncé et Blanc


Intérieur : Blanc
Extérieur : Bleu foncé


  • Sous-Embranchement 
  • Classe 
  • Ordre 
  • Famille 


  • Taille 
  • Poids 
  • Longévité 
  • Portée 
  • Gestation 
  • Protection Inconnu
Carte de localisation

The approach and elements of braised red meat are easy, however in case you comply with the stairs, it could be made very attractive and clean to function a meal. Including the approach of consuming cuttlefish can growth the taste of the braised beef. To make the braised beef purple and translucent, stir-fry it with rock sugar before adding water to simmer. It will likely be extra lovely than simply using darkish soy sauce.


Dernière révision le 9 septembre 2023 (Historique)

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