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When we talk of software testing, we generally think about only the defects in the software that are visible to the user. But what most of us don't realize is that there are many unseen bugs that exist. These bugs may not be visible to the human eye but to the software engineering team they are very obvious. These bugs then need to be tested and fixed. This is where software testing comes in.

By choosing a software testing company, you are in a better position to detect and fix any software application that may have flaws in its design. By choosing one that has a good reputation you can be rest assured that any bugs that arise will be fixed quickly.

The software testing team of SQA Canada in Ottawa will be able to provide you with regular reports that will give you further insight into the progress of your software application. Through these reports, you will be able to track down the source of the bugs and resolve them as soon as possible.

Another important reason why software testing is so important is because of the quality assurance aspect. Quality assurance is something that is built into the coding of the software product itself. Most software engineering teams will rely heavily on quality assurance in order to make sure that the software product being developed by them will meet all the requirements that their customers want.

Functional testing on the other hand, relies more on the end user's experience with the product. It deals with the actual usage of the software. For this reason, functional testing is often performed by end users prior to the software testing phase.

Finally, the last reason why software testing services are essential is because these services help make the development process much easier. These services help detect and eliminate bugs that crop up while the software is still in its developmental stage.

Without these software testing services, developers would need to spend a lot of time debugging problems that crop up during the software development process. Aside from fixing bugs, these services also help the developers to make the software as efficient as possible.

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